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Some communities have the fire department bill you after a call, very common in California. Trash doesn’t just disappear from your back yard or driveway, it’s part of your property tax, or is figured into the cost of your rent. I pay $236.00 every two weeks (I make $11.15 per hour, 80 hours a week) for my Health insurance, very expensive, but I would rather have the choice to see the physician of my choice. Yes, the plan doesn’t pay for everything, but the socialized plans in other countries are lacking. Speaking of Romania, my nephew was the drummer for Rictus Grin (metal Band) and played a concert in Vlad Tepid’s castle in Romania. Had to see a doctor while there and he tells me it is not something you would want to do. People who live in Canada and are close to the border of the US will opt for a hospital stay in the US because the government appointed hospital and health board decides who gets what kind of care, plus there is a huge waiting time for anything major.