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Honestly I don’t think there is a solution for Chrysler or GM. They have been poorly run for too long. With the weight of the union pensions, the delay in producing vehicles that compete with the “imports”, and the greed at the top, there is just too much . A bankruptcy may help but, like the bailout, it is only delaying the inevitable. It sucks but it is what it is. Everything runs it’s course. All businesses reach a point where they are beaten by the competition. In industry it is always the need to stay at the leading edge of technology or you will be surpassed by those that do. In GM and Chrysler that time has come. They have had a good run but it is ending. Much like American Motors, Desoto, Auburn, and any other brand you can think of that is no more. The big three pushed many automakers out of business by building a more desirable product, now it is happening to them. The government did not step in to help any of those companies, it should not step in now.