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You’d think that wouldn’t you. But unfortunately, that hearing was only before the DOT, and they’re not listening to anybody.

DOT has an agenda, to apply federal regulations, beyond their written scope, on a state level. They are the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, not the STATE Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This is a Federal requirement, under Federal jurisdiction.

New vehicles are prohibited from being manufactured, sold, or imported into the US, unless they meed FMVSS. This is something the U.S. DOT/NHTSA handles already.

As far as USED (and new) vehicles go, they must meet Wisconsin equipment requirements as a condition of operation, as detailed in our Wis. Admin. Code Ch. 305.

There is no existing state statute which requires a label certifying FMVSS-compliance in order to register your vehicle.

And, in my opinion, you probably shouldn’t blame the bureaucrats: They’re just trying to write up a law in response to DOT’s cry of “wolf”. DOT’s been in their ear since at least Feb. 2008 trying to get legislation passed to authorize what DOT’s been already doing since 2007!!: outlaw vehicles without FMVSS labels, beginning with antique ex-military vehicles.

That’s the problem: DOT acting without the statute to back ’em up. Now they’re just covering their ass.

Tell your lawmakers that you’re angry that DOT acted without statutory authority in this instance.

Tell them that you’re tired of DOT spending money foolishly, like when they overpaid consultants, and then refused to even appear to answer to the Assembly:

Tell them that you’re upset that the FBI has to investigate the DOT attorney when he tried to strongarm Illinois for some crook:

This DOT administration is rotten to the core. It’s time to clean house.