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Good to talk to you this eve. FYI, Tom is the guy who I’ve been working with from Rep. Pope-Roberts’ office. He’s sharp and he’s honest.

I know most of the guys on this forum probably aren’t ‘army truck’ guys, even though we are certainly fellow vehicle collectors. It’s important that we stay united because that way we are a politically viable group. If we get too small, the DOT can run right over us. So we kind of have to just stick together. But there are some similar issues here.

The biggest issue/s that might effect collector cars are:

1) Any bill that specifies the markings (or color) of your car are unreasonable. To then give an DMV employee the power to refuse your registration because of it is insane.

2) To let DOT force some group of cars to use “collector” plates, and be restricted in how you use the vehicle is unacceptable. Any vehicle should be able to be licensed as a normal vehicle, whether car or truck. If the owner wants to get collector plates to save registration fees, and he’s willing to accept the operating restrictions like payload less than 500# and no operation in January, that’s the owner’s choice.

3) Documents needed for registration must be detailed. Giving DMV the authority to demand documents relating to previous owners is unworkable. The particular documents needed for each type of application are easily specified.

4) Any vehicle which U.S.DOT/NHTSA considers a “Motor Vehicle”, and which also satisfies the Wisconsin Equipment Requirements listed in Ch. 347. Wis. Stats. and Ch. 305 Wis. Admin. Code must be able to be titled and registered.

These are probably the big parts of this bill that would likely find their way into civilian-model vehicle legislation soon. Once they’re established, other noncomplying vehicles would be next.

How’d you like it if your imported ’70 Leland Mini (imported), or your ’57 T-Bird (pre-’68), or that 76 Camaro you repainted red (not original markings) couldn’t be registered until you dug up the original build sheet from the manufacturer. Sound insane??

Well how about if your ’74 imported ex-military truck couldn’t get registered because it was yellow? Thats actually what Zigmunt’s bill AB-592 will do.