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Paul-Underwood wrote:

Trans123 is BACK in a different form:

This just in from the State Capitol: “Rep. Zigmunt has turned over the keys on this issue to the DOT and they have definitely slipped some, almost all, of Trans123 into the bill.”

Here’s the thread about Trans123:

So far, they have received lots of support for this bill. ???

I sure hope that in 2 years or so, if all of our vehicles are off the road, I’m not left sitting here saying, “I told you so.”.

Please come and demand that this bill gets amended or rejected.


I called Sondy Robert’s office yesterday. I got a live person who I voiced my concerns too regarding this matter. Today, I got an email from Tom McCarthy, a somebody in Roberts office. He still had my email address from last july when I lit em up about Trans 123. He asked for my phone number, and I gave it to him. It wasn’t 5 minutes and my cell was ringing. I have to say, I was quite impressed. I spoke with him for a short time and reiterated my concerns. He told me that Ms. Roberts is well aware of the situation going on with the DOT, and that she along with Senator Erpenbach are against what the DOT is trying to pass. I explained to him that the DOT has no right to go over the laws put inplace by the federal government. By regulating what can and cant be driven on the highways (even if the vehicle meets all the proper safety equipment) is no only insane, but the revenue lost by those in the fabrication, restoration, and other areas of the automotive industry will be astronomical. Tom sounded like he had his head on his shoulders, and admitted that the bill is way too vague. He also agreed with me that a vehicle should not be subject to registration based on what some goon at DOT thinks.

I am home sick, and won’t be able to attend tomorrows hearing. I ask that everyone who can make it stand alongside Mr. Underwood and fight for our rights as vehicle owners!!!