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RedSoloCup wrote:
Thank you Road Apples for mailing a copy of the 2013 car show flyer.

I am inquiring about your Class C, Stock 1900 to 1959. Isn’t this a rather large number of years to group with just one class? Do you have any data from last years show as to how many cars would have been in a class this large?

I look at it from this perspective:

Cars 1900-59, a 59 year span.
-Remove the street rods as they have there own class.
-Remove conertibles as they have there own class.
-Any modified cars will go in the appropriate class (lead sleds, modified, etc).

What you have left is pre war model A’s, coupes sedans, and post-war coupes and sedans. Your not going to find a lot of 42-45 model year vehicles at shows since the automakers were building military vehicles during WW2. This leaves a small amount of vehicles left for this class.

Just my opinion, but Im sure circletrack can confirm as she is the President of the club.