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I noticed Steve Davis talking before and during almost every car. He seemed to be reeeeeaally trying to push the sales…more so than in previous years. I noticed on Sunday he actually almost insulted the crowd during bidding for one Boss 302. He did his usual “this is a (whatever dollar amount) car” crap and then “instructed” the crowd on how the sellers deserve better.

Seriously? Look dude, the cars are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. You telling people what you think they’re worth does not make it so. maybe 4-5 years ago you could dictate a car’s value and people listened, but the hobby (much like the housing market) was artificially inflated by the wealthy and now it is leveling back to a more realistic level. Ron Pratt sold much of his collection and I wonder when RIck Hendricks will follow suit. Once the old rich guys are done, the values are going to drop. The 30 and under crowd see a Corvette and see it as an “old man’s car”. Does anyone really think a kid of today will pay $100,000 for a Corvette 20 years from now?Sure they like the musclecars (probably because of Fast & Furious) but talk to one and they don’t see why they are worth so much.