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I put my stock wheels back on (hence why the gnx wheels are for sale), and have been locating needed interior trim components to replace. You have no idea how hard it is to find a power bucket drivers seat for a Grand National! Im also looking to upgrade my accessory gauges I have in the car, i found some really nice Autometers that have a green backighting like the rest of factory dash lights, but they are $220 a piece, so I think ill be going with some black ones from VDO. I also located a replacement steering wheel out of an original 29k mile car. Other items im looking to replace are the sunvisors and depending on funds after i get back from vacation, i may have the windows re-tinted. However, the car needs new weatherstrips and i should put new window motors and bushings in the doors at the same time, just my luck if I redo the tint before that ill screw it up!