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Received a few photos of my interior pieces that are off being “hydro-dipped”.
The original quote was 7-10 days. They received the parts on January 2nd, and called me that afternoon. They said the parts would be done that following week. That week came and went. Then they said the following Monday or Tuesday. Nope. Then they said they wanted to “touch up some spots they weren’t happy with, so the next week. Nope. Then on Thursday I was told they were going in to clear that afternoon and would be shipped out Friday. Nope.

Today, I decided to ask them to post some pictures on their facebook page. To my surprise, I received a message only minutes later “we are working on them now, will post”. About an hour later, pictures got posted.

The wait is no problem, they look amazing

It’s hard to believe that is a “printing process” and not real wood. I may have to find more parts for them to do.