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    Sorry, my yearly topic is a few months behind.

    2019, I can say I didn’t do too many shows. I went to the Dells, it was chilly, wet, and not real fun. Attendance was way down, and frankly that weekend set the tone for me for the entire summer.

    I did maybe another half dozen shows the rest of 2019: Lancaster, Monroe, Blanchardville, Mt. Horeb, Dubuque, Platteville.

    Lancaster was a nice show, but it was the height of our bug infestation during early summer. The show in Monroe during the ballon rally was under new management. It was not one of the best shows I’ve attended. Blanchardville was nice and warm, just how I like it with tons of show cars! It makes for a full day and its close to home. After 2018’s Springdale Lutheran Church show in Mt. Horeb, I refused to attend it even if it is the only show in my hometown. I talked with one of the dude’s from the church, explained how I didn’t like the know it all judge telling me what’s wrong with my car when he clearly knew nothing about my car, and then touching it and f***ing with my air cleaner. I was told this man would not be judging cars and they would go to a participant format. I thought long and hard about it, and decided to give it another shot. I was glad I did. They had a great turnout and should probably think about a better way to park vehicles or come up with more room. I would definetely attend again in the future. I also helped a fellow hot rodder get his car driveable again after his radiator hose blew up. Mopars on the Mississippi in DBQ is a must attend show for me every year. Platteville, another one of my favorite shows, was a bust due to weather similar to the dells.

    I put more miles on my car driving it and enjoying it.

    As I look forward to 2020, I fully plan to attend the dells again. From reading the DAC newsletter, it appears there are some exciting new changes coming for next years show! Maybe I’m getting older, but I didn’t get to attend any of the DQ cruise nights in Monroe this past July due to weddings and other events. I didn’t really have the drive to attend a lot of the smaller shows that take place around the area either. I didn’t go to Pardeeville either, its been three years now. I think 2020 will see me driving and enjoying my cars more and attending less shows but hopefully more cruise nights. I would also like to see more cruise nights in my area, but I’m not sure that’s doable based on a lack of good locations to host such events. My plan is to target the large shows (Dells, Blanchardville, Mopars, Pardeeville) only. Subject to change, of course.

    What are your plans for ’20? What would you like to see new/change/stay the same for events next year?

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    This was my first year of not attending any shows. I drove to 3 shows to to take a quick walk around and then head back out to drive my car. My only plans for next year is to attend a few stops of the Hot Rod Power tour (already booked hotels), and maybe buy a new collector car.


    I’ve made some major changes this year, so my participation will change for 2020.

    I sold my vintage collector car in the fall and replaced it with modern muscle – Mopar, Hemi Orange Pearl Coat, 5.7L Hemi R/T – you know the rest of the story. I quickly came down with Mopar fever. I am looking forward to driving and cruising more and parking and showing less.

    Having said that, this past year I thoroughly enjoyed the Brat Fest Car Show in Madison. Great venue, lots of activity going on around the car show (music, food, entertainment, etc) and a well run show hosted by the Mad City Corvette Club, raising money for a good cause (Carbone Cancer Treatment Center at Children’s Hospital).

    I skipped the Dells, Pardeeville, Blanchardville, Cars on State, the Springdale Lutheran Church Show, Fox Lake, and others. Looking back, I also enjoyed the annual Cup of Joe show in Stoughton. I won the Mayor’s choice award at this show, which is the 1st time I’ve ever won an award at this show, and I’ve attended annually for about 15 years.

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    I ended up attending just 2 shows, Cars on State and Botham Vineyards. They are both fun shows in great locations with allot going on. I would of liked to have gone to Blanchardville and a couple of others. The main reason to have the cars is to drive them, that is what they are meant for.

    Some of the regular shows have taken hits because of organizer changes. When a show loses a good organizer attendees notice that and may not be back.

    The weather was very poor this year for many things, my golf game took a real hit. I did acquire another car, a 1989 Corvette I can drive on a more regular basis than the other ones.

    Next year I will more than likely attend a few more than I did this year.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see and all-electric car show in the near future.


    I received an email yesterday from Cheese Wheel, the organizer group for the Swan City Car Show in Beaver Dam, always on Father’s Day Sunday. It looks like they will not be doing this show next year (2020), and are looking for a group, or car club, to take over this show. This would be another hit to a great, very well run car show for many years, if someone doesn’t step up and take this show for next year.

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