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    Well………… What can I say Mother Nature you gave me a run for my money but we rode with it to make it a successful year. The final count was 90 cars which is down from last year but from what I heard from many many many of the participants even locals decided to not come out due to the weather. That is ok though. Hey if it wasnt my show I most likely would have as well. so no hard feelings. The people who did show up though I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tried to get around to all of you and personnaly thank you for coming out. I know we had a glitch with our food vendor not showing up until 10 Im not sure what happened there. I apologize for that. The only complaint I recieved was a participant that did not like the idea our awards were a plaque and not a trophy. He was very upset and decided to leave. I am sorry to say it but we polled a very large amount of people at several different car shows and plaques were the choice by far. I can not accomodate everyone and if something as small as what type of award makes you upset enough to leave. I am sorry, but we do not need that at our show anyway. We have completely revamped our show from last year to accomodate more cars so it was all new to us and we learned alot from it this year, so we can do nothing but improve! I hope all of you had a great time and hope to see you out next year. I know every entrant that came to the show recieved a door prize goody bag and 95% recieved an award! B) If there are any suggestions please do not hold back we are very open to ideas comments concerns just email me @ Cucooking123@yahoo.com
    Thanks again Aaron

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    What a great show Aaron. Thanks for all your hard work, and for giving us such a great show. I’ll bet it was hard for the judges to pick best of show with so many quality cars there. Glad the weather cooperated for you. I can’t wait until next year. :)


    Aaron, you did a great job with what you had to work with….

    My only suggestion would be to have some sort of coffee in the morning, I heard more than one ask for that. Also, yes the food vendor was late but even after they arrived they were running out of food so there is no way they would’ve been prepared if you would’ve had another 50-75 cars. I would work on a different food vendor, maybe even more than one, for next year.

    Otherwise, the awards and dash plaques looked great, not sure what you were worrying about! ;)

    Great job, see you next year!


    Aaron, You can be proud of the work that you (and your staff and crew) did to make this show a success! You have no control over the weather, and in spite of the rain in the morning, you still had almost 100 cars, trucks and motorcyles that came out to be a part of this show. Your show is that good! The quality and variety of cars was top notch!

    You are a good organizer, you put on a great show, and we all left feeling good about participating in the 2nd annual Big-O show. The cars that I travelled with all agreed that we would be back next year for the 3rd annual show!

    Thanks again for the quality and number of very nice door prizes.

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