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    Did anyone make it to the Automotion show in the Dells last weekend, September 12 & 13? Sounds like they they had a light turnout on Saturday because of rain of about 100 cars, but around 300 cars on Sunday when the weather was decent.

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    I didn’t go up to the Dells show, but I did attend the Dodge County Swap Meet/Car Show, just outside Beaver Dam, at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. This was on Sunday. The car count at this show was 162 registered vehicles, the best turnout this show has ever had. The swap meet was like a small Jefferson swap, with about 40 vendors or so. The swap meet is a two day deal (Saturday and Sunday). The car show is on Sunday. Well run show, and free admission for show cars! This was my first time at this show, and was impressed. I will go back to this show again next year.


    I went, the weather was complete shit but it was nice on Sunday. Overall had a good weekend, it was nice to get out from underneath all this covid scam BS and Ever’s “mandates.”

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