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    Tired of DOT’s rules? :sick: So were we.

    So we’re changing the rules to benefit owners of Collector cars. :woohoo: Read on…

    Current law requires DMV to deny Collector registration if the vehicle is not 100% stock. Let’s face it, nearly every Collector car out there has something that’s not stock. How about tires, radio, paint color, interior, filters, plugs, etc. It sounds picky, but even a VW Beetle which took an award at the Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance was denied Collector plates because of a CD radio.

    We’ve worked with Sen. Grothman to draft a bill which helps Collector owners, plus we’ve worked with DOT to make sure they can live with it too. We now need your help to push for passage of the bill.

    Read the Bill, FAQs, and details here: Old Car Preservation Act

    Briefly, the Bill will:

    1 Allow modifications to Collector vehicles, so long as they have an unmodified body.

    2 Exempts Collector, former military, and pre-’70 vehicles from FMVSS Certification Label requirement as a reason for denial of registration.

    3 Allows collectors of HMV vehicles occasional personal use plus the right to keep “parts” vehicles (the same as other Collectors already have).

    4 Defines Kei-class vehicles and reinforces the existing prohibition against their registration.

    Please visit the website, read all the details, and support this Bill. Details are on the website to tell you how to get involved. Be sure to scroll down all the way for directions.

    If you’ve got questions, this is the place for ’em.

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    GTO Man

    The current law is outdated, it is great to see these changes being moved through. Laws need to evolve over time to reflect the realities of owning a collector vehicle. Thanks for all of your work on this matter.


    Quick Reminder: Tom and I will be visiting Legislative offices this Wed. and Thurs. to push for passage of this bill.

    If you have not yet contacted your Legislators to support this Bill, please do it NOW!

    Here’s the link to find out who represents you: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/Pages/waml.aspx


    As promised, we spent the past two days at the Capitol pushing for Co-Sponsors to this Bill. We visited 130 offices. (Two weren’t there.) Legislative interest is high.

    I’ll update this site as things progress. Please watch for updates, and please check our site for specific info and documents. http://www.alfaheaven.com/MilitarySection/2013%20WI%20Legislation/2013Legis.html

    Just because this is going okay does not mean that our work is over. It still will take a tremendous push to get this passed into law. Your help is needed. Please get involved.


    BTT and Update.

    We have 26 sponsors for this bill. It’ll be introduced to committee soon. I’ll keep you posted on what to do to support it.

    Remember, this takes several steps. To those of you who have helped already, THANK YOU! Please help again as this moves forward.

    Don’t take this for granted, we have to work to gain our rights!



    We’ve all bitched about DMV causing problems for years. Now is your chance to do something to fix that.

    Our bill has finally been introduced into the Legislature. It is now officially 2013 Senate Bill 110. We have a Senate Committee Hearing tentatively scheduled for April 11th.

    We’ve worked for several years to achieve this level of cooperation with DOT. Lots of money has been spent to get this far. This is truly our only shot at this.

    We need each and every Wisconsin citizen to take action now.

    WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW (Only WISCONSIN citizens):

    1) Sign up “IN FAVOR” of SB-110 Online.
    Click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18-2…viewform?pli=1 to register. You will be asked to provide your name, street, city, ZIP. This information will be provided to Sen. Grothman’s office only. Your name will appear in the hearing record. Please only register one time.

    2) Attend the Senate Hearing.
    Attending the Hearing is your right. As a show of support, we would like to have a large group (perhaps 50-100 ideally) attend the hearing.

    You have a right to speak. However due to time concerns, we would prefer that you simply register IN FAVOR and do not speak. You will be asked to silently make your support known by show of hand or standing up. By acting as a solid group, your silence will be more powerful than words.

    Be prepared to spend the entire day at the Capitol. We will confirm the date and time of the hearing. But these hearing schedules are unpredictable, and frequently get delayed. If you take the day off to attend, you won’t want to have to leave half-way through.

    If you plan to attend, we’d appreciate having you RSVP via pm to get a rough head-count for planning purposes.


    The Assembly may choose to hold it’s own hearing. If so, we will notify you. The procedure is similar to what we’ve outlined above for the Senate.

    Assuming both Senate and Assembly Transportation Committees pass the bill, it will then go before both full houses for a vote. When that happens, we need to push legislators to vote for it. We will keep you posted as it progresses, and advise you what to do.

    Click http://www.alfaheaven.com/MilitarySe…2013Legis.html for: Background Info – Including Links to the actual Bill, FAQs, and Extra Details.


    I tried your link and it told me the file doesn’t exist. I tried both and couldn’t connect to either thanks for any help. I did how ever get to this linkwww.alfaheaven.com/MilitarySection/2013%…ation/2013Legis.html thanks, ed………


    Sorry about that. Let’s try it again.

    Click here for the Bill, FAQs and Details:

    Click here to register online IN FAVOR:

    Sorry for the trouble, and thanks very much for your help.


    The Senate Transportation Committee Hearing on this bill (originally scheduled for 4/11/13) has been delayed for a week. I’ll post the new date when we learn it.


    To All,

    Things are moving, slowly but steadily. Here’s the important news:


    Today the bill was assigned it’s Assembly Bill number: AB-157. As I wrote previously, it already got a Senate Bill number: SB-110.

    In all correspondence with your Senator and/or Assembly Rep. be sure you refer to it as SB-110 / AB-158.


    The Senate hearing (orig. scheduled 4/11) has still not been re-scheduled. We expect it within the next couple weeks, but cannot confirm this. We anticipate very short notice of the hearing, perhaps only 24 hrs. This is less than ideal, because it will make it difficult for owners to attend the hearing, but we will send out an alert immediately.

    With this AB number, the bill can now be scheduled for an Assembly hearing. We’re working on getting that scheduled, and will keep you posted with details.


    We are now over 600 strong registered in support of this bill, and Sen. Grothman’s office says this number is “mind blowing”. (Tom’s been fretting some, because last year we had more. But with this news, he’s relaxing a little. Remember, we had months to gather signatures last year.) There is support from every corner of the state.

    So keep up your fantastic efforts! We want the whole Legislature to know that we’re a big active group, when it comes time for them to vote for our bill. Let’s keep blowing their minds, and make this happen!


    Today the bill was assigned it’s Assembly Bill number: AB-157. As I wrote previously, it already got a Senate Bill number: SB-110.

    In all correspondence with your Senator and/or Assembly Rep. be sure you refer to it as SB-110 / AB-157.

    Please note my error in the previous post.

    Correct AB# is 157


    Senate Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:30am.
    Anyone interested in attending and needing more info should contact me.


    Senate Hearing on this bill is today, 10:30 am, at Room 300 S.E.


    Here’s a link to video of the Senate Hearing: April 25 Hearing


    This legislation continues to move forward. We have now secured a Public Hearing for the bill before the Assembly Transportation Committee. It will be held on Tues. May 21, 2013 at 1pm in Rm. 417N at the State Capitol.

    The bill is identified in the Assembly as AB-157. (The companion bill in the Senate is SB-110.)

    See you there.


    Assembly Hearing Tomorrow! See you there… B)

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