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    Does anyone get the Madison paper and see the picture of the accident Friday morning near Edgerton/Janesville? Both drivers were killed but the passenger in the truck was able to crawl out of the fiery wreck. The car the truck landed on was a new Mustang, I just can’t imagine the horror these families are going through, especially at this time of year.

    Slow down everyone, you never know where black ice might be and it’s worth being a few minutes late to your destination if it saves your life!

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    GTO ManGTO Man

    People just never learn. Like you say you never know where you might run into that black ice. I think one problem is these needless deaths are accepted to easily by the general population. Traffic enforcement seems to be a distraction for the police rather than their jobs.


    For some reason, that area around Janesville/Edgerton has always been treacherous. I sometime wonder what effect the constant volume of traffic and the speed of traffic has on the inordinate number of accidents and the seriousness of the accidents. I drive that area occasionally and it is not one of my favorite stretches of road.



    People need to remember that winter is a tough time in Wisconsin. Take it slow and be safe!!!

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