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    What’s the going rate for gas in your part of the world? Currently this is what I am seeing in the Houston area.

    87 octane – $2.09/gallon
    91 octane – $2.15/gallon
    93 octane – $2.22/gallon

    I filled up last Thursday and it cost me $29.00 to fill up the tank in the Mustang, which is the highest I have ever paid. The way my motor has been tuned I have no choice but to use 93 octane. When I filled up that day there was a Hummer H2 behind me and I can tell from the owner’s face he was dreading the final tally. He filled up on 87 octane and when everything was said and done he had to fork over $50.00.

    The sad thing was that he will probably have to fill up again in a couple of days.

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    GTO ManGTO Man

    May 4, 2016

    I see gas is starting to creep up again, by artificial means.

    Regular – $2.35
    Midgrade – $2.55
    Premium – $2.89

    Racing – $6.99

    GTO ManGTO Man

    No complaints here on the price of gas.

    September 10, 2016

    Regular – $2.05
    Midgrade – $2.25
    Premium – $2.55

    Racing – $6.99

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