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    It’s been a very pleasant, yet breezy weekend. I’ve seen (what I feel) is too many nice cars out on the road already. There is still a lot of salt on the roads, and this time of year the weather can still be very unpleasant.

    Driving to work today, I saw Jonmandude’s old car cruising through town. All I could do is shake my head now that I know who owns it.

    I don’t know what you all think, but I don’t get my cars out until we’ve had a few good, hard rains to wash up the roads. Living in the country and having a gravel driveway, I also wait for the goat path to dry up too. I usually wait until the middle of April unless the weather is really good.

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    GTO ManGTO Man

    Yes, the cars don’t go out on the roads until mid April. By then you know the salt should be washed off. At this rate it could be earlier if it keeps up. Looks like 50’s again starting next weekend. Can’t complain about this winter as far as temps and the snow totals.


    I figured whoever bought my car would probably drive it in this stuff. I took much of what I did off. The engine is still built, the interior is still done, and f course the paint. But under hood looked pretty stock, and the stock suspension was put back in, when I got rid of it. This summer is going to be a but weird for me not having a car. That said I do not regret the decision yet. Who knows? Maybe I will do the Big Blue truck thing and show up at a few shows with a truck…..if I am allowed. It is just a new truck after all….with a few jonmandude touches.

    I did see one of those wooly caterpillars today in my driveway. Maybe spring is near


    My car doesn’t come out of hiding until after May 1, usually. I also saw some cars on the road the last couple weeks, it’s hard to resist – but we still need a couple good rains and with the snow/sleet tonight and into this week, there will be more salt to go around.

    Jon, you are welcome at any show, we’ve all seen new cars place highly at shows – it should be a 100 point truck, right?? :) :)


    hahaha “100 point truck” That’s funny right there. If I show up, I wouldn’t hope/expect anything. Truck classes (like the Road Apples) go from 1950/60’s to present, and we ALL know some very beautiful trucks. I would have to ask that no older truck be disrespected that way….plus it’s an import.

    All I can say is a 2″ suspension lift is coming, an exhaust will probably be too, along with some more “dark” touches


    I did start mine yesterday, just to make sure the gauges were working properly :whistle:

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