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    I am sad to say that I will not be able to run the car show this year. I am currently deployed overseas and will return in time to get things together for this years show. I am wondering if anyone would be able to run it this year? I would give you all my contact info for sponsors and voulunteers. I would be able to assist when i return home with everything but I can not do any of the leg work since I am out of country. PLEASE someone help I do not want this show to die off or be missed this year. I have food vendor, dj and several people that can help with setup and day of show. I also have many sponsors that love the show and should most definately donate. If you know someone interested in helping out please send me an email at Cucooking123@yahoo.com ASAP so we can get this going.

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    Date noted and booked, Thanks Aaron.


    I noticed that this show is now posted on oldride.com for June 30th 2013.

    Anyone have additional information or details, or confirmation that this show will be coming back for 2013?

    GTO ManGTO Man

    It is posted on the calendar here also.

    Oregon Show Calendar Link


    The O-town Showdown will not be happening this year. I simply do not have time to put it together due to high demand of my job. The Oregon Chamber of Commerce is planning on running a car show at the same location and same time. I would like to make it clear this is not the same show, but I highly encourage all to attend and If I am able I will also attend. I am sorry for the confusion as I tried extremely hard to make my show happen but alas I could not. I will be looking at running the show next year and hope to see you all at a show or two this year. Finally spring has sprung and I just took the car out yesterday for its first ride. One oil change and wash away from official cruise ready. I would also like to put a shout out for my friends Charity Car show,

    Please help him raise money its a great cause and he is a great guy!

    See you all soon!!!!!

    Sergeant Hoff


    Thanks for the updated info, Aaron.

    More importantly, thank you for your service. We will look forward to the Big O car show in 2014!

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