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    GTO ManGTO Man

    I checked the Madison assessment site, my property taxes went up over 9%.

    Dane County 7.3%
    City of Madison 7.0%
    MATC 7.3%
    Madison Schools 12.0%

    Absolutely ridiculous that the taxes go up that much. And we never see an accounting of where the money goes. How can the schools justify a 12% raise in the taxes? Just confirms the tax hell that Dane County is. And all the counties around Dane.

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    Oh boy, I can’t wait. I’m in Dane County also, but in the Verona Area school district. The new High School will be opening and operational next year, so I am concerned about how much increase in taxes that will bring. I haven’t received my tax bill yet. Seems like it comes later and later each year. It used to be that it would come right around Thanksgiving.


    I got mine today, surprisingly Parisi and Evers didn’t bend me over too bad. With the lottery credit and a couple other incentives, mine stayed right where they were last year which is already too f***ing high.

    GTO ManGTO Man

    Schools, schools, schools. They are driving the huge increase in property taxes across the area.

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