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    Should Jeff Gordon of been suspended for the last Nascar race at homestead? He intentionally took out Clint Bowyer at Phoenix which ended his chances for a championship.

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    Without a doubt.


    The championship has come down to two drivers, and really was down to two drivers long before Jeff decided to take Clint out of the race. It’s hard to put ourselves into their shoes, and unfair to make decisions until we know what really goes on. Racing is a sport, but it’s also their jobs and it’s a lot of work – much more than turning left for a few hours on Sunday. I’ve been a Hendrick fan for many years, and will continue to be. Jeff normally does not race like that, and I can only imagine he did that as he felt there was no other choice, he’d done everything he could to get the point across, which he did. Nascar acted appropriately in fining him, they will have plenty of time to reflect on this season and move on…

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