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    What was the reasoning behind the cancellation?


    At one time, several years ago, this was one of the top car shows in the Madison area. They were advertising heavily, attendance was over the top, turn out was excellent, and the show was getting rave reviews. It was a well run show with great awards and celebrities picking out the top awards. But this past couple of years, you could see that the show was slipping and falling apart. There was a lack of coordination, fliers weren’t being printed or distributed, food was expensive, and nobody seemed to care. Overall, there just seemed to be a lack of interest in this show.

    Anyway, thanks to Madison College and the Auto Tech program for those great car shows in years past!


    This was the response from Madison College, posted on FB:

    Madison College Pride in Your Ride Car Show
    “We are disappointed too. There were many factors. As a fundraiser, we have to make sure participation and donations can cover expenses. Due to lower show attendance and lower enrollment (students run the show), we just didn’t see it was feasible”


    We were told there was one – yes one, student in the 2nd year program. The enrollment in this program is way down, the automotive field (especially auto body & repair) is finding it’s very difficult to find people that want to get into this line of work, let alone retain them. My husband works for Gerber (Gates Auto Body) and the turnover is very high, millennials and physical labor do not mix, unfortunately

    GTO ManGTO Man

    There is a severe shortage in many of the trades. Millennials are too interested in their technology toys.

    I work in IT and I say lets go back to pen and paper, the hell with computers.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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