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    Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Act

    LRB 3267/1 is a bill being introduced into the Wisconsin Legislature to protect your right to drive the vehicle of your choice.

    We need All car enthusiasts to:

    E-mail, write, or phone your state senator and representative plus members of the transportation committee and voice your support.

    Make sure you say: “I am your constituent”

    “I agree with this bill”

    “I want you to sponsor LRB 3267/1”

    cc members of the transportation committee.

    Senate Committee on Transportation

    Assembly Committee on Transportation

    Keep it short and sweet. Do it now. Our hobby depends on you.

    Click this link to find your legislators.

    Please send forward this email to all concerned citizens. To get your name added to our email notification list, send an email to: MVRegistrationRights@yahoo.com

    Please see extra notices at the end of this email.

    The following is a Legislative Alert sent by Sen. Grothman.
    Begin forwarded message:

    From: “Sen.Grothman”
    Date: February 3, 2012 11:58:21 AM CST

    February 3, 2012


    You are receiving this email because you have contacted our office in the past regarding your concerns about TRANS 123 (which has been temporarily defeated) or other vehicle registration issues. Your action is needed to support a bill that is being introduced by Senator Glenn Grothman.


    1. See the memo below circulated to the legislature today which includes a summary of the bill. If you would like to read the bill it is attached to this email. NOTICE THE SHORT DEADLINE, PLEASE ACT NOW!

    2. Contact your both of your Wisconsin State Legislators and tell them to COSPONSOR LRB 3267/1. If you don’t know who they are please follow this link: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/w3asp/waml/waml.aspx

    3. Forward this email to all of your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

    4. Stay tuned for more alerts in the following weeks as we garner support for the bill and move it through the legislative process. We will need your help in the future!

    Thank you for your attention and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our office at 608-266-7513 or sen.grothman@legis.wisconsin.gov

    < <11-32671.pdf>>

    From: Sen.Grothman
    Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 11:47 AM
    To: *Legislative All Assembly; *Legislative All Senate
    Subject: SHORT DEADLINE Co-Sponsorship of: The Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Act LRB 3267/1

    FROM: Senator Glenn Grothman

    608-266-7513 or sen.grothman@legis.wisconsin.gov

    DATE: February 3, 2012

    RE: Co-Sponsorship request for LRB 3267/1 The Registration Rights Act

    SHORT DEADLINE: Thursday, February 9, 2012.

    Currently Wisconsin offers many ways to register vehicles; regular, hobbyist, collector, farm, etc. Many types of motor vehicle registration impart operating restrictions ranging from regular registration, which is minimally restrictive, through HMV registration in which a vehicle can only be used to and from special events.

    Up until a few years ago Wisconsin residents enjoyed the freedom to own and proudly drive on the roads their vehicle of choice. Due to WI DOT cutting budgets and nonsensical internal philosophies, the agency has been relying more and more on their computer technology to cut corners. This is very problematic when dealing with the large variety of vehicles on the road today.

    Many citizens are being improperly denied the registration of their choice based on such insignificant factors as a radio, color, or hubcaps. I found that most of the problems stem from the WI DOT’s interpretation of prohibitions based on vehicle condition or equipment and in many cases the citizen’s options for proving compliance are limited or impossible. In other cases, vehicles that were previously registered here in Wisconsin are now being denied registration upon change of ownership.

    WI DOT’s actions have adversely affected citizens, and have had a detrimental impact on the agricultural, forestry, construction, and automotive industries. Their actions have also lead to multiple costly as well as time consuming appeals and ongoing problems for constituents.

    This bill was created to address numerous citizen concerns as to the registration of motor vehicles in Wisconsin.

    LRB 3267/1 Does the Following:

    Repeals a state statute that contains an obsolete reference in law, and has created confusion and misapplication.

    Repeals a statute that has taken legally-complying vehicles off the road.

    Prevents monetary losses to citizens encountered when a formerly-legal vehicle is reduced to non-highway-legal status for the sake of clerical convenience within the department.

    Gives residents the ability to have second chance if the DOT denies registration. The bill repeals two prohibitions which were problematic for motor vehicle owners and instead applies an existing inspection procedure to determine minimum applicable standards to make a vehicle eligible for regular registration. This bill still allows the DOT to deny registration if they have concerns about vehicle condition or equipment, but in the event the application is denied; LRB 3267/4 provides a simple and low-cost way for the owner to verify compliance with the requirements.

    Reduces fiscal impact by the citizen bearing the cost of an inspection versus the state employees expending substantial time and resources to determine eligibility.

    Makes a change to the requirements for collector car registration by allowing vehicles which have been minimally modified (such as for improved safety or drivability) to register as a collector, so long as they do not substantially alter the vehicle. Thus, remaining true to the intent of the collector plate registration.

    If you would like to cosponsor LRB 3267/1 please contact Sen. Grothman’s office at 608-266-7513 or sen.grothman@legis.wisconsin.gov by Thursday February 9, 2012.

    < <11-32671.pdf>>

    Note: The following legislators are listed by SEMA as automotive-friendly. If they are YOUR representatives, please be sure to acknowledge that they are our community’s friends.
    Sen. Lazich Assy. Rep. Brooks Assy. Rep. Rivard
    Sen. Wanggaard Assy. Rep. Kestell
    Sen. Grothman Assy. Rep. Nygren

    If you give us feedback from your legislative contacts, we can better target our efforts. Please report back any comments from legislators, both pro and con!

    You can read the bill and the supporting information at:


    If you would like to speak with someone regarding this legislation, please call or email
    Paul Underwood email: undy@mhtc.net phone: 608-437-3465

    Tom Zat email: cosmo@alfaheaven.com phone: 715-449-2141 weekdays.

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    GTO Man
    GTO Man

    Thanks for posting the information, everyone should let them know how they feel.


    NOTE: There is only a ONE WEEK period to get co-sponsorship for this bill.

    Please contact your legislator NOW, and ask them to co-sponsor LRB-3267/1.


    To All,

    This is an open letter to you, from Sen. Grothman’s aide Regina, with whom we’ve been working to draft the bill:

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: “Kolbow, Regina”
    Date: February 6, 2012 8:23:00 PM CST

    I am writing to clarify the intent of LRB 3267/1 The Registration Rights Act. There seems to be some confusion and I want to illuminate a few things. First, Senator Grothman is a supporter and protector of the collector car industry and all the specialty vehicles in this state. He is also a recognized SEMA legislative member. (SEMA supports our bill by the way, but they are waiting to speak out on it until it gets a bill number)

    I am going to make an incredible long story short so if you want the long version call me….

    Over the last few years we have seen the Wisconsin DOT become increasingly hostile towards specialty vehicles owners (collector cars, imports, military vehicles, anything not a Prius, etc). Most of you are aware of the TRANS 123 show down in which we temporarily stopped an extremely damaging administrative code proposal to the collector hobby. The problem is that the people in the DOT who are behind that administrative code proposal still work at the DOT and their philosophies will continue to assault specialty vehicle ownership until the Legislature passes a law to stop them. LRB 3267/1 is an attempt to protect ALL vehicle owners and LOOSEN current registration restrictions.

    The following are a few examples of what has lead to this bill – this is however only a drop in the bucket. CURRENTLY the DOT has asked owners to produce paperwork that never existed or no longer exists. If they can’t or don’t, registration is denied. Other times the DOT claims a car doesn’t meet safety standards even if the vehicle clearly does and they deny registration. The owner has no ability to get a second opinion except through a costly and time consuming court appeal. The DOT has also made owners jump through many hoops at great cost to them, to only in the end deny registration anyway. OUR BILL LRB 3267/1 is an attempt to stop this nonsense. We can’t guarantee that this is a cure-all because the DOT I am sure will continue to cause trouble, but this is a step in the right direction. If you would like other examples of the DOT garbage our bill is attempting to stop, let me know.

    Some folks are wondering “why the 5 alarm fire”. It’s not one. (Note: the legislative session ends in April and our bill has the best chances of passing in the current political environment) This bill has been in the process of being drafted for the last six months. We had to get it written right first. That is why you haven’t heard about this bill until now. Introducing a bill and asking other legislators for support is the first part of the legislative process. We do have limited time to get the bill through the legislature and get the Governor to sign it. So things will move quickly in the next month or so.

    The more support we can garner the faster this thing will move. That is why it is so crucial that you contact your legislators and ask them to sign on. If you have contacted your legislators and either sent a vague email or have come out a against this bill, it is imperative that you contact them via their office phone number and clarify your position. You need to specify that you support LRB 3267/1 – this will cut down on any confusion inside the Capitol. Also, please forward this to your friends and family – anyone who also needs some clarification and can help us get this bill passed.

    Thank you for your time and attention!


    Regina Kolbow
    Office of Senator Grothman
    Room 10 South, State Capitol
    Phone: 608-266-7513
    Toll Free: 1-800-662-1227

    Senator Grothman’s State of the Family Report

    *All communications are subject to open records under Chapter 19, Wis. Stats.


    Today is the final day for legislators to sign on to co-sponsor this bill. If you haven’t yet contacted your Wisconsin Legislators, do it NOW.

    Ask them to co-sponsor and support LRB-3267/1.

    REMEMBER: This is only the FIRST STEP to get a law passed. Stay tuned for information.


    The Co-Sponsorship period is over. YOUR efforts paid off. Remember, this is just STEP ONE.

    We have gathered several additional Co-Sponsors to the bill. Here is the full list of Sponsors:

    Senators: Grothman, Erpenbach, and Wanggaard

    Assembly Representatives: Wynn, Petrowski, Strachota, Thiesfeldt, Endsley, Kestell, Kerkman, Stroebel,
    Marklein, A. Ott, and Krug

    This is a pretty good showing, given the political climate in Wis. right now.

    We anticipate the bill getting a Senate Bill number on Monday. More news then.



    Even though you talk shit about me behind my back, I still support this cause and contacted the elected officals.


    Basic information about the Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill is available at Alfa Heaven.

    YOUR efforts have paid off. Enough comments reached the legislators that we got several to sign on as Co-Sponsors.

    We have now reached Phase 2. Our bill has reached the legislature, and will now be heard by the Senate and Assembly Transportation Committees. Members of both committees have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill. We met with most of the committee members and other influential legislators and/or their staff to answer any questions they might have. Our bill has strong bi-partisan support.

    There will be either joint or separate hearings held as soon as next week. We will announce the date/time as soon as it is announced. You may attend the hearing/s, but it is not necessary that you do in order to voice your opinion. You can sign up, on-line, IN FAVOR of SB-462 and it’s companion Assembly Bill. You only need to enter your name and address. It’s easy and can be done in one step.
    Click HERE, to register IN FAVOR.

    If you decide to attend the hearing, you can choose to speak or not, but either way you can register IN FAVOR of the bill. We will have several key people scheduled to speak and answer the legislators questions. Having too many people speak may actually be detrimental to our efforts, because the hearing schedule is very tight and we do not want to overwhelm the committees with too much testimony. Simply registering IN FAVOR, either in person or on-line is sufficient.

    If you are unable or otherwise unwilling to register on-line, there are other options. You can call us with your information, and we will add you to the list. Paul – 608 437-3465 or Tom – 715 449-2141

    THIS IS NOT THE END. We will likely need to take other steps to ensure the passage of our bill. Please stay tuned and involved.

    Thank You for your continued support and efforts,
    Paul Underwood
    Tom Zat
    Curt Rymkus

    Please forward this email to any concerned citizens.

    If YOU wish to be added to our group email notification list, please email us at: MVRegistrationRights@Yahoo.com


    Congratulations! Your efforts are paying off! Our bill has progressed to Legislative Committees, which is where they review it and hold hearings on it. Keep up your hard work. We will continue to give direction as this keeps moving ahead.

    The bill now has it’s Legislative Names: SB-462 / AB-580.

    IMPORTANT: Starting Now, use the Bill Name SB-462 / AB-580 in all communications with your legislators.

    Register IN-FAVOR For Hearings
    We still need your support for the upcoming hearing/s on this bill. We will post the time/date of hearings, but you can click to register IN FAVOR of this bill now, on-line.
    Note: You should only register once, but have every Wisconsin citizen you know register.
    Note: The sign-in reads “SB-462 and it’s Companion Assembly Bill” because of a delay in getting the AB # assigned. We can’t change the heading now. This registers you for SB-462 / AB-580.

    Contact the Transportation Committee Members
    E-mail them all, or phone them all. Tell them that you support the Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill, and urge them to swiftly pass SB-462 / AB-580. Be short and polite. Here are the members of the Transportation Committees for the Senate and the Assembly:

    Sen.Lazich@legis.wisconsin.gov chair 608 266-5400
    Sen.Leibham@legis.wisconsin.gov vice-chair 608 266-2056
    Sen.Lasee@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3512
    Sen.Erpenbach@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-6670
    Sen.Coggs@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-2500

    Rep.Petrowski@legis.wisconsin.gov chair 608 266-1182
    Rep.Farrow@legis.wi.gov vice-chair 608 266-5120
    Rep.Ott@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-5831
    Rep.Stone@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-8590
    Rep.VanRoy@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-0616
    Rep.Honadel@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-0610
    Rep.Ripp@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3404
    Rep.Endsley@legis.wi.gov 608 266-0656
    Rep.Knilans@legis.wi.gov 608 266-7503
    Rep.Steinbrink@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-0455
    Rep.Vruwink@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-8366
    Rep.BernardSchaber@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3070
    Rep.Jorgensen@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3790
    Rep.Bewley@legis.wi.gov 608 266-7690
    Rep.Coggs@legis.wi.gov 608 266-0960

    Stay Tuned For The Next Update…

    For any new members of our notification group, click HERE for extra background info about the bill, including a plain-English (not Legalese) description of what the bill does and quotes from DOT workers which may shock you.


    We won a big fight on Wed, when the Dept of Admin overturned DOT’s denial on a 1985 D-10

    Chevy Blazer. Wis. DOA Case# TR-11-0016

    This is the third appeal we’ve been involved in, where DOT did not win. It took 13 months of hard work.

    This is why this bill got drafted, so citizens do not have to go through this unreasonable and unnecessary struggle.

    I’ll add another post later today, with the next steps to take to support this bill.


    Re: Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill – SB-462 / AB-580

    Don’t Let This Bill Die!

    DOT is applying enormous pressure to try and kill this Bill. (That probably indicates how much this bill is in your best interests.) Without your efforts, they will succeed.

    We expect a Public Hearing on this soon. We may not have much advance notice. STAY TUNED for updates, if you wish to attend. In case you have not yet registered IN FAVOR, do it on-line. Click Here

    Urgent Action Needed

    Contact the following officials. They are listed in order of importance. Please contact them all, or at least reach the most important ones.

    Tell Them:
    * I am strongly IN SUPPORT of SB-462 / AB-580.
    * I want you to move this bill to a vote before this session ends.
    * I want you to VOTE YES on this bill.

    Gov. Scott Walker
    608 262-1212

    Sen. Scott Fitzgerald
    608 266-5660

    Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald
    608 266-2540

    Sen. Mary Lazich – Chair Senate Transportation Committee
    608 266-5400

    Rep. Jerry Petrowski – Chair Assembly Transportation Committee
    608 266-1182

    Your Own Senator and Assembly Rep.
    In case you do not know who they are, or how to contact them, please go the Wis. Legis. page, Who Are My Legislators?

    The remaining Transportation Committee Members:
    Sen.Leibham@legis.wisconsin.gov vice-chair 608 266-2056
    Sen.Lasee@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3512
    Sen.Erpenbach@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-6670
    Sen.Coggs@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-2500

    Rep.Farrow@legis.wi.gov vice-chair 608 266-5120
    Rep.Ott@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-5831
    Rep.Stone@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-8590
    Rep.VanRoy@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-0616
    Rep.Honadel@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-0610
    Rep.Ripp@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3404
    Rep.Endsley@legis.wi.gov 608 266-0656
    Rep.Knilans@legis.wi.gov 608 266-7503
    Rep.Steinbrink@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-0455
    Rep.Vruwink@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-8366
    Rep.BernardSchaber@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3070
    Rep.Jorgensen@legis.wisconsin.gov 608 266-3790
    Rep.Bewley@legis.wi.gov 608 266-7690
    Rep.Coggs@legis.wi.gov 608 266-0960


    To All,

    Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill SB-462 / AB-580


    This is the official announcement that our bill has been scheduled for a Public Hearing before the Senate Committee on Transportation, Wed., Mar. 7th! Your calls and emails made this happen.

    You have a right to attend this hearing, but you do not need to. You can attend and register IN FAVOR of the bill, and you can speak before the Committee if you wish. BUT, because of time concerns, it might be better if most people did not speak.
    Tom and I will both speak about the bill. We have also arranged for a handful of owners who have been particularly inconvenienced by the DMV to speak and tell their “horror tales”. But beyond that, we have been asked to urge you to only register IN FAVOR (if you haven’t already done it on-line HERE), if you choose to attend the hearing. The committee schedule is very full, and we do not want to burden them with too much testimony.

    We still need to get this through the Assembly. Contact these two gentlemen. Urge them to work to move this bill forward.

    Assy. Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald, Speaker of the Assembly
    (608) 266-2540

    Assy. Rep. Jerry Petrowski, Chairman Assembly Transportation Committee
    (608) 266-1182

    Thanks For Your Continued Hard Work & Support! We can do this!



    Committee on Transportation and Elections

    The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below:

    Wednesday, March 7, 2012
    9:00 AM
    411 South
    State Capitol


    The Senate Hearing is delayed for one day.

    Rescheduled for Thur. Mar. 8, 9am, State Capitol


    To All,
    I’m sort of decompressing right now. I’ll add details later.
    To say that yesterday was a long day is a vast understatement.
    DOT admitted they’d been denying Collector plates due to radios in the car. !!
    DOT stated that they are okay with repealing 341.10(6m), which means military vehicles can again register as a normal vehicle. BUT, that remains to be SEEN.
    The Senate Comm. has requested that we meet with DOT again… We will.
    We’re still pushing for passage this session, but with each passing day it gets less likely.
    However, legislative support continues to grow.
    To my surprise, there were two fellows who spoke in opposition.
    More later.
    Thanks to all of you guys who’ve supported this fight. The appeals, open records requests, and push for a legislative solution continue unabated. Keep at it and we’ll beat these holes.


    Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill SB-462 / AB-580


    Yesterday, the Bill was passed by the Senate Transportation Committee by a vote of 5-0, a unanimous vote!
    Moments ago, the Bill just passed the full Senate with unanimous votes – 33-0!

    This is great news, but we’re not done yet.

    DOT continually opposed the bill, and we were forced to make compromises at the request of various legislators. Multiple concessions were made, and we were ultimately left scrambling for even baby steps. Now that DOT has agreed to just one item, Assembly Republicans are blocking the bill by refusing to vote on it.

    This is NOT the bill we wanted, but it is a step in the right direction, and it DOES help the most effected owners possible. (see details below) Assuming we are able to pass this bill, we can/will work next session to address the next item on the list.


    Contact these three guys. Cut and Paste the following message to them:

    cut & paste:

    I STRONGLY SUPPORT SB-462/AB-580. It is a small, non-controversial bill which was passed unanimously by the Senate. It is supported by Rep. Petrowski and DOT-approved. I want you to do whatever it takes to secure a vote in the Assembly on this bill before the session ends this week.

    Assy. Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald
    (608) 266-2540

    Assy. Representative Scott Suder
    (608) 267-0280

    Assy. Asst. Majority Leader Dan Knodl
    (608) 266-3796

    Details on the amendments.
    Amendment 1 was in response to DOT’s concerns, as expressed in a meeting w/ Sen. Grothman.
    Amendment 2 was reached with DOT, after the Public Hearing. Essentially, it deletes the inspection clause, and the change to Collector requirements. The bill now repeals just one of the statutes which direct DOT to refuse registration, 341.10(6m). Again, it’s only one small step, but it is a change in the right direction.

    This bill will effect Former Military Vehicles only. Please support this change for a small segment of our hobby, even if it isn’t your own segment. We need to stay united to achieve the changes we want.

    Due to opposition within various vehicle groups, we were forced to give up the other more controversial parts of the bill. We are disappointed, because we still believe the bill was good as written. But it faced too much opposition for passage. We will limit the scope of future legislative efforts, based on what we learned here.


    I cut and pasted to all three of these people. I hope it helps.

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