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    Spring Jefferson has succombed to the scare of Covid-19. How many other shows will get cancelled because of this?

    I’m already over the panic, the hoarding of TP and sanitizer, the fear mongering from the Government, small businesses being hurt by Government control and over reach, and FB certified doctors and hollistic moms claiming what essential oils stop the flu. I think the current administration is doing the right things to combat the issue, but let’s not shut down the world.

    Governor Gilligan has killed the state’s economy in 72 hours, that’s gotta be a record. I can’t get a beer, go eat at a restaurant, get a tattoo, get my haircut, get a tan, have to deal with the kids because they’re not in school (or at home where they’re supposed to be). I couldn’t even get a beer on St Pattys day, WTF?! I am not going to be a very nice person to be around until all this mess is over.

    We are not far from being in a police state. Other states in the Union have already enforced “Shelter at Home” policies… This is the last step before we’re all under martial law. I work in a profession where I’m considered an essential employee, and have not yet been told I have to stay home. I am only staying home if I feel ill, because that’s what germaphobes who aren’t hypocondriacs do 🙂

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    The Brat Fest Car Show, held in conjunction with the annual Brat Fest Celebration has been cancelled and rescheduled for August.

    Although I haven’t seen anything official yet, I am guessing that this year’s Dells Automotion show will also be cancelled.

    I’ve seen two trends recently that concern me. The first is a major buying spree of guns and ammo at the local stores. The ammo shelves are empty and guns are flying off the shelf, especially the short barreled home defense style shotguns, such as the Remington 870 12 gauge police style riot guns. The other trend is large numbers of people taking large amounts of cash out of the banks and credit unions (for pocket money?). My local credit union posted notices this past week and are limiting cash withdrawals to $2,000 daily.

    GTO ManGTO Man

    I don’t see where either trend makes any sense. It is good business for stores selling guns, but what are these people afraid of? The government is not coming for their guns and ammunition. And the cash hoarding for what? Banks and Credit Unions are not going away, they have eliminated lobby hours and possible cut back hours.

    Being behind the curve the government is trying to get control of this virus. And plans they and states have put in place hopefully will do that.


    I agree.

    Cash money doesn’t help if there are no businesses open and nothing is available to purchase because production has been shut down for a period of time. Rationing (of certain items) is already in place and when production starts back up, I’m certain that necessities (such as food items) will be rationed also.

    GTO ManGTO Man

    Businesses are hiring 100’s of thousands of workers for the new way of doing business, online ordering and delivery.

    CNN Story

    MarketWatch Story

    Channel 3000 Story – Kwik Trip and Pic n Sav

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