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    For enthusiasts, it was – and still is – a timeless, hot-looking, muscle car classic. With twin rally stripes, a solid V-8, and razor-sharp steering, a four-barrel 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 could, and maybe still can, run the quarter mile in 14.8 seconds at 101 mph… click the link below to continue reading …


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    GTO ManGTO Man

    Great write up. I think the guy went overboard. Maybe the ticket will teach him something. From what I have seen the majority of people have no respect for other’s Property.


    the simple solution here would be to not drive your camaro to farm and fleet. i don’t even like leaving my truck in that parking lot. the other guy didn’t do anything to deserve the treatment he received.


    I think I know this guy…

    I would agree that taking a car like that to Farm & Fleet is not a good idea, heck I don’t like to take my Impala to places like that and still try to park out of the way when I can, but we should be allowed to drive our vehicles and enjoy them.

    All that does no good when you have people that have no respect for anyone else’s property, resulting in the scrape I have on my door handle, all the way down to the primer and beyond.

    Stuff like this tends to make a person very angry, I’d probably have done the same. Another lesson in life..


    I fully understand the person’s anger but he crossed the line when he grabbed the elderly gentleman.

    It is frustrating when you park away, in a manner that won’t interfere with anyone else, to try and protect your pride and joy, and some disrespectful person feels the need to interfere with your piece of mind. I understand having a discussion with the person, explaining your desire to not have your prize damaged. But discussion is where it should end. Profanity is uncalled for, and assault is never called for.


    I can relate to this one quite well. The girlfriend and I were at a car show in lone rock, we won a gift certificate for dinner at a local joint, so I parked the Reliant in a spot where there was no cars. and about 10 minutes later this older couple were going crazy over the car like looking inside of it and even parked next to it. While I didn’t go ape shit I was nervous about them looking at it and parking next to it.. Anytime I take my car to show off at a diner or even subway I make sure I can watch it very closely.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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