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    If you need to vent about something, do it here and NOT elsewhere on the forum or site. You cannot use strong and disrespectful language, nor may you attack anyone personally or an organization viciously. Please be civil. You can express your opinion but try and keep it in perspective. If these rules are not followed as deemed by the moderators, your post will be removed.

    Posts made to this forum will not appear until approved by a moderator.

    Posts made in other forums that are deemed rants by the moderators will be moved here without prior notice.

    Posts made anywhere on the site deemed beyond rants (e.g. flaming, attacks, etc) will be subject to review and may be removed without notification.

    We simply want to create a community where everyone feels welcome and does not need to worry about being attacked. Moreover, the feedback we give on shows should be high quality.

    If you have something to rant about, do so here and tastefully, or not at all. Do not rant elsewhere on the site

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    Craigslists has a Rants area.. :huh:


    So whats with all the haters on the forum lately that just make up a profile to rip peoples ratings of the show? The only reason these “trolls” come on here is to defend whatever show they have an interest in? They never comment on anything else or give their input into any of the topics for shows. So whats the point? :angry:


    I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that there have been a number of new members to the forum. Nothing wrong with this, but it seems many are joining to attack and criticize the opinions of other members in the Rate the Show area. Upon reading a post tonight made by a Tony Pipia, IMO he joined the forum to attack Eclipse_Tuner. I do appreciate ET’s rebuddle and his points made clear regarding the Fox Lake show. ET handled this very respectfully.

    What can we do to combat this from happening further? Everyone here is entitled to there opine, and I can be the first to say that on more than one occasion I’ve had a post that’s sent someone off the deep end :whistle: Lately it seems that many who either organize shows or attended a show but have a different take on it take great offense to constructive (and sometimes harsh) critiscm. I don’t want to see the Rate the Show thread disappear, as its a vital organ to the body of this website, but I’m to the point where I get pissed off when I see these new guys get on and hate on the same people who paid a registration fee at a show, probably bought some food, and burned gas to make there show a hit. I believe that person has every right to Rate the Show how they see fit.


    Sounds good! My first one would be planning an event without looking at the calendar (which is available and up to date) making it impossible for everyone to attend. There is a lot of summer left yet, why does everything have to be on the same day? There were several weekends this summer with multiple shows and other weekends with NOTHING

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