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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry I haven’t been on the forums for months, too busy in life.

    As we look forward to some warmer weather next week, it is getting closer to getting the old Buick old. This spring though is a little bitter sweet.

    My wife and I are selling our house and moving into downtown Madison. This means I will have no more room for 1970 Wildcat. The question I have is; is there a tested way or site to sell the car? I want to get the most exposure for my money.

    If you have any opinions or thoughts, please let me know.

    Thank you, Mick

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    cars-online is probably the best … ~$45 and the ad runs till it is sold .. also, post it on Buick specific message forums too …

    craigslist is hit or miss but it is free

    ebay is where you will get the most exposure but that is like +100 for a 3 week buy it now type of ad….

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