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To All,

Things are moving, slowly but steadily. Here’s the important news:


Today the bill was assigned it’s Assembly Bill number: AB-157. As I wrote previously, it already got a Senate Bill number: SB-110.

In all correspondence with your Senator and/or Assembly Rep. be sure you refer to it as SB-110 / AB-158.


The Senate hearing (orig. scheduled 4/11) has still not been re-scheduled. We expect it within the next couple weeks, but cannot confirm this. We anticipate very short notice of the hearing, perhaps only 24 hrs. This is less than ideal, because it will make it difficult for owners to attend the hearing, but we will send out an alert immediately.

With this AB number, the bill can now be scheduled for an Assembly hearing. We’re working on getting that scheduled, and will keep you posted with details.


We are now over 600 strong registered in support of this bill, and Sen. Grothman’s office says this number is “mind blowing”. (Tom’s been fretting some, because last year we had more. But with this news, he’s relaxing a little. Remember, we had months to gather signatures last year.) There is support from every corner of the state.

So keep up your fantastic efforts! We want the whole Legislature to know that we’re a big active group, when it comes time for them to vote for our bill. Let’s keep blowing their minds, and make this happen!