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Specific Ratings (A-F):
Arrival/Departure (easy to find, easy to leave?) – A – very easy to go to from Madison and it was well marked
Parking Location – A – all areas of the parking lot are nice and they space the cars out well, about a stall and a half
Class Organization – ?? – like circletrack said you didn’t select a class on your form, but there were classes??
Trophies & Prizes – A
Food – A – nice variety even popcorn and a pork roast
Entertainment – D – I didn’t hear much variety, for a lot of it it seems like they alternated between The Beatles and The Beach Boys every other track. I like both of these groups a lot but its nice to see a wider variety of music
Judging – B – I didn’t stay for the awards but it seemed like they were judging, though it seems they spent more time on some cars than others. Also I think putting the “award” stickers on the windshield is a nice touch, that way you know if you’ve won in case you want to take off early
Dash Plaque – A – nice
Variety of Cars – A+! As always there’s cars-a-plenty at Automotion. I noticed many very nice hot rods, moreso than other years
Bathrooms – C – Good but they used to have some more on the lower parking lot, which were missing this year
Weather – B – nice but rain in the afternoon, not too hot though!
Trophy Presentation Timing – N/A didn’t stay
Entry Fee – C – $15
Overall Rating:A This is a very fun show and a great start to the season. I am always amazed at the sheer number of cars and how all of them are high quality which really makes it enjoyable!