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Specific Ratings (A-F):
Arrival/Departure (easy to find, easy to leave?) – B It is easy to find, limited access.
Parking Location – A One of the nicest places for a car show. Plenty of room between the cars, no mud.
Class Organization – C Doesn’t seem to be any.
Trophies & Prizes – N/A Wasn’t there on Sunday, didn’t receive a door prize.
Food – B Pretty good variety.
Entertainment – B+ A live band adds allot.
Judging – N/A Judging system is unclear
Dash Plaque – A Great.
Variety of Cars – A One of the best show of the year for variety of cars.
Bathrooms – B- Could you more in the parking lot down below
Weather – B- Typical of weather we have been having
Trophy Presentation Timing – N/A
Entry Fee – A $10 for pre-registering.
Overall Rating:B+

This show is always allot of fun to start the season. It is a great atmosphere. It may be the best atmosphere of the year for a pure car show.