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Specific Ratings (A-F):
Arrival/Departure (easy to find, easy to leave?) – A, easy to get to.
Parking Location – A, right near the plastic potties and the concessions both days.
Class Organization – Ha, you Martin’s are funny people!
Trophies & Prizes – A, the plaques are very nice this year
Food – A, just don’t eat the pizza
Entertainment – C, if you dig the pinsetters.
Judging – I agree with Rachael, a toothless lady in a golfcart picking a car because it is a pretty shade of blue isn’t right.
Dash Plaque – A, nice.
Variety of Cars – A, lots I’ve never seen before
Bathrooms – A, well located throughtout the park
Weather – sucked, again.
Trophy Presentation Timing – B, one time for once.
Entry Fee – $15, that’s 7.50 for two days
Overall Rating:A

This is one of my favorite shows all year. I did a burnout in front of my hotel this year and got away with it too, no cops and it was for a few little kids watching the cruisers