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glad to see that you are able to “get back up on the horse”, so to speak. You are showing maturity and understanding well beyond anything that would be expected


Thanks Marshall. I figured enough has been said that should not have been and it all needs to be over. It is a perfect location and a great place. If it weren’t for the one person that made me quit (who obviously had a problem with me being there last night) I would still be happily working there. It was, by far, my favorite place to work. In fact if she ever leaves I would gladly go back.

I think the hardest part for me was explaining to people why I wasn’t working there without stirring up the drama (all I could say was that I left because I wasn’t happy) coupled with the numerous complaints I received from customers and employees about the same “her” that made me quit (All I could say was it doesn’t concern me).

I don’t know how often I will go to the Thursday night cruises at the Lube. But I will go a few more times…if they will let me.