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MMRJR wrote:

I would think that this “enforcement initiative” would be more effective and have a greater impact on public safety if it was focused on the beltline, instead of East Wash. When was the last time you drove on the beltline from say, Stoughton Road to Mineral Point, and had a pleasant, positive experience? Posted speeds and common courtesy are meaningless on the beltline, especially during rush hours and all day Saturday and Sunday. Also, when was the last time any news report indicated that over 100 tickets were issued on the beltline in a 48 hour period? Personally, I would support a full time enforcement initiative on the beltline, to include random check points for intoxicated drivers.

I guess that MPD and WSP are more concerned about visibility and writing tickets to young folks who like to cruise, than “taking a bite out of crime”.


They aren’t concerned with visibilty. They are only concerned with revenue. Don’t fool yourself, this is no different than a school bully demanding your lunch money. They have a little power and are abusing it. Organized crime did this in the 1920’s when they charged people in neighborhoods for “protection”. It was called extortion. Is this any different really. They say they are worried about public safety.

The number two reason for accidents in this country is people driving too slow. When was the last time obstruction of traffic was enforced for that?

All of this is revenue, nothing more. tickets for a few miles over the speed limit is a way to raise money. Tickets for “amplified exhaust” are a way to make money. Tickets for “cruising” are a way to raise money. this is not about safety or enforcing laws, it is taxation, nothing more.

If you or I were to issue tickets for any of these things and demand payment (as the police do) we would be arrested for extortion. Try it. The next time a young person drives by your house with a car that you don’t like, stop them, and at gun point demand money. Maybe even take their car apart like eclipse tuner had happen.

Is this really making the quality of life better in Madison?