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I’ll bet we will see some at QSL this year.

Of course there will be some at QSL. QSL is all about the store bought car. Very little respect is given to the home built car. It is primarily Vette, Mustang, Vette, Mustang, Challenger (new one), and another Vette.

Rant time

Last year I had the Camaro, bimmer, and 60′ there. My brothers drove in my other toys. Two older guys with dicky-doo’s parked very nice, new, Corvettes across from us. We where sitting in the back of the 60′ having a beer enjoying the cars driving threw and the two guys wandered in front of the truck and started to belittle everything about it. Glanced at the Camaro and noticed the matching plates and threw some hate towards it.

Now, I know my stuff isn’t show quality, know it all needs some TLC still, and generally blow stuff like that off but I was getting a tad pissed since I was right there and the retards thought they where talking softly enough I couldn’t hear. My youngest brother, Dan, saw my blood pressure rise and just said “I’ll handle this”. I thought he was going to go all USMC on them and the Jarhead would come out to play. No, he just calmly got out of the truck, walked around, asked them if the two Vettes where theirs.

“Ya, they are our Vettes.”

“Must have took a lot of work to write the check to Ballweg.” my brother replied

“Blah, blah, blah, I worked hard, blah blah blah, I had this installed.” they started to back peddle.

Then the Marine in my brother came out, he gave them a look that would make Andre the Giant piss himself and just said.

“Come back belittling my brothers cars when you’ve built your own,”

We where laughing our arses off in the bed of the truck, they got into the Vette’s and took off. QSL is fun, but I’m thinking of doing the Whippoorwill off Hwy 19 more this summer if he has his cruise nights again. Come into QSL and check it out, then roll up Hwy 12 to 19 and get some real bar food.

That’s awesome! Sometimes you gotta put people in there place. I used to always hear about how my “daddy” bought my Charger’s for me… I worked for my stuff too, no matter how nice it is or isn’t.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about QSL and it hasn’t been good. I’m not sure why, because there’s always nice stuff there. I’m not sure I’ll attend this year…. Well, maybe one night when I’m done workin’ early.