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    Hey gang! I’m new here…I grew up in Madison but moved away during college and only returned last year.

    I’ve got a mint 2005 Ford GT (red/white) as does my brother. I’m looking for shows within 50 miles of Madison as neither of us have trailers— yet! Suggestions for shows and dates are appreciated

    I know there are at least three other Ford GTs in the Madison area and I’ve heard there might even be one of the new model (2018). Anyone know who owns them? Are they on this forum?

    Speaking of which, I’m in the application process to get one of the 2020 model Ford GTs. Yes, I have to be chosen to be given the honor of spending a lot of money on a car. Only in America.

    Part of the application is a 60 second video on YouTube. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. I figure the more views and lines I get, the more likely Madison is to get a new Ford GT and it would certainly come to the shows.

    thanks gang. Pass the link along to anyone who might be willing to watch and “like” it.

    Hope to see ya out this year.


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    You are correct there are several other owners in the Madison area with Ford GT’s, but I’m not aware of them being members on this site (they typically do not take their cars to the typical car shows, but they do take them to cars and coffee events in the area).

    And you are correct there is 1 person in Madison (he has a collection of cars located in a building in downtown Madison) that has a new Ford GT.

    As for shows it depends on what you are looking for … there at at least 25 shows in the Madison area that are your typical “Car Show” with trophies.

    The season “starts” with Automotion in the Dells (multiple car shows in the Dells, but the “real” Automotion is for cars 1989 and older) and for many the end of the year show is in Pardeeville (all years show). These are by far the biggest shows in the area. Most of the other shows are your normal small town local shows (which you will typically see the same 50-75 cars that travel the weekends looking for shows).

    If you are looking to see cars that you typically don’t see at car shows I would recommend Cars and Coffee in Lake Mills (First Sunday of the month, starts in May and if the weather is decent they will get about +300 cars). Also there is a Cars and Coffee in Fitchburg at Barrquies (PD) on the other Sundays (typically about 20-30 cars).

    This site has most of the shows for the year listed and I would also recommend:


    Welcome to the forum Joe.

    There was a pair of Ford GT’s that showed up for the ProClip car show this past year in McFarland (benefit show for the Dane County Humane Society). Both of these cars were from the Madison area.


    Very comprehensive. Thank you!!


    I’m pretty sure that was us. I was looking at my brother’s trophies and there was a proclips one for 2018. I was in the clouds as I’d just finished working a 30 hour shift.

    Thanks for the info!!!

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