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    You can rate it by selecting Rate The Show from the Insert Message dropdown. You can then fill out all the categories by giving your review and a final grade


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    Specific Ratings (A-F):
    Arrival/Departure (easy to find, easy to leave?) – B
    Parking Location – C – okay but visitor parking was far and it would be hard to leave if you had a car there
    Class Organization – N/A
    Trophies & Prizes – N/A
    Food – B – farmer’s market at the square and shops on state street
    Entertainment – N/A
    Judging – N/A
    Dash Plaque – N/A
    Variety of Cars – B – a nice variety, not many 70s models though
    Bathrooms – D – didn’t see any portajohns
    Weather – B – overcast and cool
    Trophy Presentation Timing – N/A
    Entry Fee – A – free
    Overall Rating: B- Overall a nice show; it was hindered a little by the construction on the first block of State Street but they compensated for it by extending cars onto a couple of the intersecting streets. A nice variety of cars and well setup.


    I went up and took a quick lap. I thought they were going to try not to have duplicates? There were 3 1941 Lincolns, 3 1965 Mustangs, 4 Covairs. Also, I thought they were going to try to get different cars from one year to the next? The only one that stood out from last year was the DeLorean.

    One guy with a Woody had his car roped off.

    The cars on the first block by the capitol were the best ones, since you never see them at shows around Southern WI.

    The guy with the Orange and Red VW westfalia (I posted it in the Craigslist ad a couple of weeks ago) was there too. He popped the top and had a For sale sign in it ( 20,000 views within 1 day, not bad).

    I would really like to see this show expand to have cars parked around the Capitol too.


    There were 3 1941 Lincolns, 3 1965 Mustangs, 4 Covairs.

    Good point. There were also 2 black 57 Thunderbirds. I was pleased to see that Studebaker Hawk there, that was a nice rarity. I’ll have the pics that Ryan and I took up soon


    No offense to this show, but I have a feeling the cars are personally picked, especially being some of these are cars we never see during the summer at any show in the area.

    I’m curious to see the pics, we heard from a friend last night that he went and wasn’t impressed…


    Here’s all the photos, thanks to Ryan too!
    Cars on State Street 2008 Photo Album


    Very nice photos – thanks Garibaldi. The VW bus looks like the Ronald McDonald mobile (sorry Ryan).


    Thanks for sharing those, some interesting cars!


    Glad you liked the pics. I’ll be sure and take plenty more at Automotion. I was trying out a new color setting on my camera when taking the Cars on State photos and I don’t know if its just me, but the colors in the photos seem more vibrant that usual. I think I’ll stick with the new setting!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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