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    Does anyone still rebuild original equipment? Too many years ago, the only way to get some stuff was to pull it out of a car and do what you wanted to it, and stick it back in. Now it seems like prices being what they are, it better to just buy new.
    And GO!
    There is a reason I am asking..

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    GTO ManGTO Man

    We have had a couple of engines rebuilt in the last 5 years or so. Of course depending on the engines the price can vary greatly. It depends on if the original equipment is important to the value of the car as to whether it makes sense to get a crate engine or rebuild the original. And of course how the car is going to be used influences the decision.


    Yep, if high end car the original block and engine components are important to retain future value. If not a high end car, crate motors or replacement motors may be the least expensive way to go.

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