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    I follow the Mecum auctions pretty closely, and this auction in Kansas City was, in my opinion, lame and lacking in quality American musccle cars. Lots and lots of driver quality cars. Many of the cars/trucks were not detailed or cleaned before going across the auction block, and the high bids reflected it. Over 10% of the auction was Corvettes, lots and lots of Corvettes. Another 10% or more of the lots being auctioned off was pick-up trucks. I noticed that Mecum has branched off into collector guitars now, i.e., vintage Fender, Gibson, etc.

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    I think it has reached a point of saturation with the auctions. There are too many throughout the year. It used to be the big ones were in January but now there are many big ones spread throughout the year. A good result is there are many entry level cars as far as price. A vehicle can be fun to drive whether it costs $5000 or $50000. Corvettes seem to be the dominant species at auctions. It is good that they are presenting more lower priced examples. I enjoy watching the auctions and it is amazing what some of the cars bring, especially the first couple of days of the auction. And in this climate it is nice to seem some warm weather toys during the winter.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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