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    Does anyone have a flier for this show? If you do, could you check the starting time for this show?

    The show listing here on the forum shows the time at 7AM til 2PM. This seems awful early for this time of year.


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    GTO Man
    GTO Man

    From the Oxford city Website.

    Classic Car Show – $10 entry fee

    Oxford Village Park – rain or shine

    Registration from 7 am to 10 am
    Participant Judging 10 am to Noon
    Trophies awarded at 2 pm

    Over 50 trophies awarded in 20 classes!
    Dash Plaques to first 100 registered cars!

    GTO Man
    GTO Man

    Best of Class and Class Winner Trophies Awarded

    A. Stock Pre 1949
    B. Stock 1950 to 1959
    C. Stock 1960 to 1967
    D. Stock 1968 to 1972
    E. Stock 1973 to 1977
    F. Stock 1978 to 1991
    G. Modified 1950 to 1959
    H. Modified 1960 to 1967
    I. Modified 1968 to 1972
    J. Modified 1973 to 1977
    K. Modified 1978 to 1991
    L. Street Rod Pre 1934
    M. Street Rod 1935-1948
    N. Muscle Car Stock
    O. Muscle Car Modified
    P. Stock Trucks and Vans
    Q. Modified Trucks and Vans
    R. Stock 1992 to 2011
    S. Modified 1992 to 2011
    T. Imports – Stock and Modified
    Best Overall – Grand Champion
    Best of Show – Stock
    Best of Show – Modified
    Best Paint
    Best Interior
    Best Engine
    Best Convertible
    Best Coupe
    Best Sedan
    Best Sport Car (2 or 4 seat)


    I spoke with the shows organizer the other day and he said the show runs early because several other events are going to overwhelm the small town from 10am on so it would be hard just to get into village park later than that. He recommended arriving by 9am but I’m shooting for 9:30am (not a morning person!) He said past shows ranged anywhere from 40-180+ cars dependent upon the weather.


    Thanks for the info!!!!

    Dick and I, and probably several other cars, will be leaving the Madison/Stoughton Road area around 7AM, arriving in Oxford around 8:30AM or earlier, if anyone is interested in joining our group. We don’t want to leave any earlier because deer are starting to move, and sunrise is right around 7AM.

    We’ll see everyone in Oxford!!!!!


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