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    Friday night i went to the club tavern in Middleton to watch my friends band play. They play there a couple times a year, and if you have ever been in this establishment its really not set up for any live music shows.

    Well, this band is absolutely awesome (not because a couple of my friends are in it, or because they play the hair metal/80s/heavy metal i enjoy) and they pull in a good crowd where ever they play. It seems that when play club tavern, theres alway some dumbasses that show up there. Last Friday night, not only did two drunk 40 somethings spill there fufu drinks on me, but one drunk lady was dancing by herself and brought the heel of her boot down smack dab in my toes. And man did it hurt, my foot still hurts. Nothing is broken, but I had a nice bloody sock when i got home where that broad removed some skin off the top of my toes. Then when she finally left so my friends and i could enjoy the show, some dbag who looked to be about 50 with his buckle jeans and affliction shirt with the sleeves cut off pushes his drunk ass thru the crowd so he can get to the front decides he is going to rock out with his glass up in the air…. Well guess what happened and who he was standing next to? He was decent enough to apologize at least, but at that point i had enough. I had seen this guy at other bands around the area, and he always has the same outfit on. His beach muscles had there day 25 years ago, and apparently he didnt get the memo. I had a few drinks myself that night, nothing major, but it was the group decision to leave and get me something to eat.

    Why get something to eat you ask? When I was ordered by the court to enlist in an anger management program (again, thats another story, and i had a bit of a temper when i was younger) one thing I was taught when getting angry I should eat something as it will calm me down. And suprisingly the counselors were right! For the first couple years, i was eating alot. Heck at my old job I cleaned out the vending machine in a week!! Needless to say Ive become a lot more calm in the years following that experience, where my first action would have been to pour my beer out on that guy, then proceed to let him beat my ass.

    My mom called me yesterday and asked if I was at club tavern friday night. I said yes, figuring some cackling hen friend of hers saw me there. Not the case, it turns out some family friends were there and their son got punched in the side of the head by some drunk a-hole for no reason. The poor kid wouldnt harm a fly, but again heres some guy being tough picking on a little kid. I was gone by the time this little event happened.

    What is it with people? I never have trouble at any other good establishment around the area, but the last few times ive been to club tavern its been a circus with rude people and fights as the main event. It takes the enjoyment of the evening away from everyone there. Moose has a security guard, but I think on his own hes outgunned.

    How do I make this a better experience? I dont go to club tavern anymore.

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    One reason for this behavior and one reason only….ALCOHOL!!! Why I quit doing karaoke shows.


    Why I quit going to bars and doing karaoke shows years ago….ALCOHOL! Turns pussies into pricks and pricks into bigger pricks.

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