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jonmandude wrote:

I have said it before and I will say it again.

I do not understand why everyone calls Madison “liberal”. By all definition it is not. Madison is the most conservative city I have ever lived in, and I have lived in quite a few. Unless it is marijuana, homosexuality, abortion, or a bicycle, they want it outlawed.

:laugh: :laugh:

Now if they only had that train for the commuters…

I’ve been cruising East Wash since I was 16. It’s a popular metting spot for many people of all ages on friday and saturday nights. I won’t even get into how many chick’s I’ve met up there over the years… :whistle: I always found it entertaining. I will admit, it has lost some of its mystery in the last few years, due to the construction. Also the times change- when I started going up there it was all muscle cars, now its a lot of newer American V8’s and rice. A lot of it is still fast, there’s still people racing on the street, people are still getting kicked out of parking lots (and the taco bell), but somehow everyone still has a good time!

Jon, I say we schedule a mass cruise night up there. Maybe around Power Tour time?