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GTO Man wrote:

I don’t see am issue with getting rid of Wagoner. He led the company to this point. The only reason they haven’t gone into bankruptcy is because of government loans. I would rather see someone in charge more in tune to what will keep them in business going forward. GM has a bright future if the right changes are made, they couldn’t stay on the same course. Nobody wanted this to happen but it is better to look forward than back.

I agree Wagoner had to go. But I don’t see where its the POTUSA’s job to fire him, if he was gonna be removed from his position it should have been by the board of directors or the shareholders.

I fear the “change” is going to be for the worse. More cookie cutter cars that all look the same, have nothing to offer the “car enthusiast”, unless you want something ugly and/or hybrid. I’m not sold on hybrids, I want performance and looks. I want to see cars people actually want. I think this would spark buyer interest again…just like the muscle car wars of the 60s.