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    Hello Everyone!
    Starting a new venture at my home shop, Zapp’s Rod Shop, located in Cottage Grove.
    I’ve been a member here on Wis collector car for about 4 years, although I haven’t posted much.
    I grew up in a car family and old cars have always been a part of my life.
    I’ve always had a dream to open up a shop someday and help others with their old cars, finally jumped into it.
    We are focusing on 1928-1980ish vehicles, and anything from minor maintenance to complete restorations.
    Things have started out really well and I have added some pictures of a few customers cars we currently have in the shop.
    Visit our our FB page at Zapp’s Rod Shop or http://www.zappsrodshop.com for updates and progress on customer cars.
    If there is anything we can do for you, or you have any questions, just let me know, or just pass the word along!
    Thank You!
    Jeff Zapp-
    Zapp’s Rod Shop

    Honest work at fair prices, stop in and see us!

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    Beautiful 1971 Corvette that arrived for a Vintage A/C upgrade.
    This car was just recently sold by Vintage Motorcars in Sun Prairie to a very nice couple from Illinois.
    We’ll have this completed and on the road for them to enjoy before the warm weather arrives





    Although the pictures aren’t the best, we have made some progress on getting the Vintage Air system in the Corvette.
    Old heater box is out, new Vintage HVAC box is in, have the condenser mounted, etc…..
    Going well, should be done later next week!




    Hemi Crate motor arrived for the 1967 Charger.
    6.4L 392 Rated at 485 HP and 475 TQ !
    We cant wait to get started on this project!




    Scott had some updates completed on his Daily driven 1999 Silverado
    New brush guard and light bar, added a cowl hood and we installed some new wheels!

    Scott also has a Beautiful 1966 Nova that we may be lucky enough to work on this spring!



    Just got back from picking up Brian’s 74 Dart again.
    It’s back for pulling out the bench seat and installing some fresh bucket seats,
    upgrading all the gauges to Autometer in a nice carbon fiber dash insert, and swapping out the carb.
    Thanks again Brian! We appreciate your continued business!!!!



    Patrick emailed me said he wanted to show me his 51 Ford Wagon, I couldn’t wait to see it.
    I had no idea I was getting to see a Woody Wagon!
    It was tucked away in a little 2 car garage at his house, and has been in his family since 1956!!
    Little rough, but its all there including the original Flathead V8 and was still be driven just a few years ago.
    It spent most of its years in New York, only in Wisconsin for a few years now.
    We got it back to the shop, and will start making a game plan for it.
    Keep it as is (Barn find fresh) or completely restore it???? Your Thoughts??? :)






    I don’t think this would be a wagon in terms of a station wagon; no doors for a back seat.
    This looks more like a delivery type of vehicle.
    Either way you go on it you are going to need a good carpenter on this baby. :)


    A complete ground up restoration could end up as nice as this one, but, it would be a big bucks, no expense spared project.



    GTO ManGTO Man

    Very interesting project. There probably aren’t many or any of the same to compare as to what the value might be when complete. If it drives well it would be cool to leave it. A total restoration could be vey pricey. They are cool.


    Robert brought his 1994 Silverado over for a Bell Tech lowering kit. 3″ front and 4″ rear.
    Now this truck sits right!
    I’ll follow up with another picture after we get the new wheels and tires on it.

    Stock Height

    After the lowering kit


    This thing is crazy! This is Scott and his son Joe’s new Silverado Monster truck!
    You may remember Scott’s Pewter daily driven 1999 Silverado we just did some upgrades on, and
    Joe’s blue 1987 Square body Silverado that ran 44″ tires on. We’ll Scott and Joe sold Big Blue to buy Big Red!
    This is running 46″ Goodyear Military tires. Inside is equally as nice, but I cant get it in for any pictures, need a ladder, LOL
    We are just going to go through it and make sure everything works as it should, add a few accessories and fix up a
    couple things that need attention.



    Got the wheels and tires on Bob and Sandy’s truck this morning.
    Great stance and nice wheel and tire combo, Turned out very nice!
    Bob and Sandy have lots of plans for this truck, this will be a great build for them!
    BTW….. Bob was rattling off some of the old cars/trucks/vans he has had over the years, he quit counting at 100!




    Nice ’55 brought over by the guys at Vintage Motorcars in Sun Prairie.
    Thanks again Brian and Jason for the continued business!!





    Picked up a couple of projects over the weekend…. still staying busy. 🙂
    All the work is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you to everyone for their support!


    Picked up Marc’s 65 Ford Pick-up to get ready for the season of cruising.
    It’s been in storage for 10 years, just seen daylight for the first time Saturday.
    Normal maintenance and check over and she should be set to enjoy!

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